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Sure, they look cute now, but the damage they cause and the diseases they carry should concern you. If you think you have a Raccoon, you should give us a call right now.

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Unlike the mythical vampires, bats really do exist. Not only do they exist, but they can wreak havoc on your home or building. If you think you have a bat, or numerous bats, you should give us a call today.

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Why Us?

We pride ourselves on consistently exceptional customer service. From our scheduling and administrative staff to our experienced technicians, we recognize that the value of our business is a direct reflection of the integrity and professionalism of our employees. With combined 35+ years experience, our technicians have the knowledge and skill to approach any task in removing your nuisance wildlife quickly, effectively and as humane as possible. We are a professional service, and you can expect each technician to be:

  • Fully Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Polite and Courteous
  • On-Time for Appointments
  • Humane to Animals
  • Thorough and Honest

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“Referring Customers For 5 Years”

I have been referring my Customers to Animal Removal Services for over 5 years. Joseph and John have done an excellent job in [not only] resolving the problem but also giving prompt professional service. I have not had a customer call to complain about them, only to say "Thank You for referring them to us!"

-- Bill Youngblood, Graduate Pest Control, Inc. Jackson, MS

“Truly Animal Specialists”

These guys are truly animal specialists. John quickly and professionally captured the mother raccoon and her babies from my attic.

-- Cody, New Orleans, LA

“The Ones To Call!”

For a bat issue, Animal Removal Specialists are the ones to call!

-- Robert W., Facilities Mgr., Lorman, MS

“Most Courteous, Polite Service Technician”

Joseph is the most courteous, polite service technician I've ever dealt with. Not only did he remove the squirrels from my home, he took time to make sure I understood the process and answered all my questions. That gave me peace of mind.

-- Brenda K. Jackson, MS

“The Go-To Guys For Bee Problems”

Animal Removal Specialists are the "Go-To" guys for bee problems. They removed the bees and about 60lb honeycomb from the ceiling of my home.

-- Barney S. Whitehall MS